Learning by getting to know…

25 January- 1 February 2020


Together we are strong  

Project Parameters:



Learning by getting to know…

Project duration:

2019 – 2020

Partner schools:

  • Karleby svenska gymnasium. Karleby. Finland.
  • Bundesgymnasium und Bundesrealgymnasium Lienz. Lienz. Austria.

From the Project Application:

“The ambition of our schools is to give our pupils all the opportunities to prepare for their future lives and careers. Recent research by the European Commission shows that the need for foreign language skills on the labour market is substantial. Employers demand a high level of oral skills together with a good knowledge of intercultural skills. International mobility training is well developed in firms and higher education but neglected in secondary education. As more and more young people require foreign language skills after leaving school for employment or further study, we want to share our experience and skills to boost language and mobility training in schools. We also think that teachers engaged in intercultural training will be more aware of the intercultural potential of their own students.”



Introduction of the cultural
heritage of East Tyrol

On the 25th our Finnish exchange students arrived in Lienz. After the first night, the students spent time with their host families. On the 27th we had the opening at our school, the BG/BRG Lienz. We welcomed the Finnish students and teachers with a short speech given by Nina and Sarah with some facts about our school and one “Sacherwürfel“ for everybody.


After this we showed them our school and the city. We visited some places like “Schloss Bruck“ and the “Liebburg“ (the town hall) with them and also showed them a very old blacksmith’s shop. There the blacksmith Rudolf Duregger demostrated the work of a traditional smith.



After a short introduction to our school, we had a presentation about Austrian clichés. We told our Finnish exchange students about Austrian traditions and rituals. At the end, we tested their knowledge about Austria with a “Kahoot“ quiz. Now everybody knows the most important things about Austria. In the afternoon, we prepared coffee, cake and snacks for our parents and our exchange students. We had a great time and could get to know each other much better. Our family members enjoyed the great time and of course the delicious food.

Emma, Tatjana, Amelie, Emma

Nina, Klara, Sarah, Maija



An example of endangered
cultural heritage: Venice

On January 28th we went to Venice for one day. We had to meet at the grammar school at 5.45 in the morning. The bus departed at 6 and we had a 4 hour drive ahead of us. After the bus trip we had to take a boat to get to the city of Venice. We arrived there at around half past ten and then we walked to the sights. At first we went to Piazza San Marco and then we went to the Basilica. Inside this beautiful church we saw all the golden ornaments and exhibits. Afterwards we decided to go to the Rialto Bridge and we took some photos there.


Then we had some spare time and most of us were looking for a place to eat. After lunch we discovered the interesting small shops, cafés and streets of Venice. It was not as crowded as usual because of the rainy and cloudy weather. Many of us bought some souvenirs of the city and also food and drinks for the trip home. We got on the boat again and went back to the bus and the trip back to Lienz seemed to take forever. When we finally arrived home, we were exhausted. Overall it was a fun and interesting day, where we all learned a lot.

Venice2 Venice3



The cultural heritage of East Tyrol

On Wednesday, there were three different presentations on cultural heritage in Austria. The three groups talked about Austrian history, Austria’s federal states and Austrian and Finnish cultural heritage that needs to be protected.




At noon we took the bus to Dölsach, where the local farmer was already waiting for us. Before the farmer and his wife showed us their workplace, they introduced themselves and told us which kind of farm they have. About one year ago, they decided to adjust their farm to modern standards and started planting hemp. Furthermore, they changed their milk production. From now on, they are supplying suckler cow husbandry.


After a great lunch (dumplings prepared by some students), everybody looked forward to the upcoming events in the afternoon at the farm. During the tour around the farm we were able to see all the animals. Now there was just one thing left: incense burning. The farmer´s wife spent loads of time in order to get into the world of incense burning. She shared a lot of knowledge and passion with us. Furthermore, she told us to write our wishes on a piece of paper and after a while, we threw them into a campfire. That was probably the best ending to such an awesome afternoon at the farm.

Franz, Hannah, Alina, Enja, Lea, Nico, Noah 


Cultural heritage and tourism


On Thursday we went skiing with two Finnish teachers and four Austrian teachers. We had to be at the valley station Zettersfeld at 9 o`clock in the morning. When the whole group was at the station, the Finnish students rented their equipment, ski, shoes and ski poles and helmet. When everyone was ready to go, all Finnish pupils and some the Austrian students, who also needed a ticket, got them from a teacher. After approximately an hour, we went up the mountain with the gondola. After the ten minutes’ ride we put on the skis but our teachers made us take them off in order to do a warm up. We jumped and did some funny exercises and then finally we were able to go skiing. At first we skied to the chair lift and up on the top of it we went in

three groups. The first group was for the beginners, the second one for advanced ones and one for the experts. More than the half of the students decided to join the advanced group but of course there were some professionals. We were skiing in these groups until 12 o`clock and then we had lunch at the Naturfreundehütte where we could decide between many dishes, e.g. Kaiserschmarrn, toasted sandwiches, Schlipfkrapfen and more. The food and the drinks were totally delicious and filling. After lunch two Austrian teachers had prepared a small presentation about the history and tourism of skiing. Before we went back on the ski slope we took some pictures of all of us with a beautiful view of the mountains. Then we skied to the gondola lift and if the students wanted they could stay with their exchange student longer but for most of them the ski trip ended there.

It was an absolutely unforgettable trip because of the stunning weather and lovely skiers!

Erika, Nathalie



Arts Project

 On Friday we worked on two art projects. One group worked on Austrian and Swedish/Finnish dialect words. First we explained them to each other and afterwards we wrote them on three big black wooden boards. They turned out pretty good and we placed them in the art class.


The other group created a mobile. For that, they cut out pictures of Austrian and Finnish culture. They glued them onto a piece of cardboard and hung them up on metal rods.



At 12.00 pm we had lunch at our school cafeteria. There were 4 meals to choose between. It was a great final day!



Lea, Enja







Benedikt Fundneider

Milka Mattila

Silvia Ebner

Nina Hansen

Edith Noner

Nathalie Istenich

Anton Fercher

Doris Vouk

Markus Zollner

Markus Huber

Martin Grüner

Romana Mair






Emil Bjon

Noah Schwaiger

Josper Tuurinmaa

Franz Unterlechner

Anton Olaussen

Nico Holzmann

Klara Weizmann

Nina Presslaber

Maija Tuukkanen

Sarah Gufler

Sofia Sundfors

Enja Ranacher

Amelie Lillbroända

Emma Schrotter

Emma Snellman

Tatjana Lukasser

Emma Mattila

Anna Taxer

Anna Sandström

Margareta Hofer

Erika Rautio

Nathalie Ivanova

Sofia Prest

Lea Lassnig

Ida Holm

Hannah Walker

Tilde Boström

Alina Ruggenthaler

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 05.-11.05.2019 Kokkola (Finnland)


Im Rahmen des internationalen Erasmus+ Projekt, „Broaden Horizons: Enhancing International Mobility and Cultural Awareness for Better Inclusion at Home and Abroad” (Projektnummer: 2016-1-FR01-KA219-024249_2) besuchten Schülerinnen und Schüler des BG/BRG Lienz ihre Partnerinnen und Partner in Kokkola/Karleby in Finnland. Der Aufenthalt bei den Gastfamilien und das gebotene Programm war spannend und wertvoll für die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer. Trotz niedriger Temperaturen verzichteten wir nicht auf ein erfrischendes Bad im Bottnischen Meerbusen, das aber nur in Kombination mit wärmenden Saunagängen möglich war. Interessante Einblicke in die Kunst der traditionellen Schiffsbauweise und ein Sonnenuntergang am Meer rundeten das Programm ab. Einen Eindruck von vielen weiteren Erlebnissen kann man sich am besten von den angefügten Bildern verschaffen.  

Vielen Dank für die gute Zusammenarbeit!

Benedikt Fundneider


Dieses Projekt wurde mit Unterstützung der Europäischen Kommission finanziert. Die Verantwortung für den Inhalt dieser Veröffentlichung trägt allein der Verfasser, die Kommission haftet nicht für die weitere Verwendung der darin enthaltenen Angaben.